The “den of thieves” is warring on Creation

We now face the exact same evil which has plagued humanity for thousands of years. “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil”. The “LOVE of money” is usury. Therefore, we should say: “Usury is the root of all evil”. This is why Jews, Christians and Muslims each forbid usury for thousands of years. Usury has five corruptive influences: 1. Monopoly control over money issuance. 2. Any interest on money loaned creating un-payable contracts. 3. Usurpation of ALL human institutions and natural sovereignty. 4. Aggregation of the majority wealth into the hands of the elite few. 5. Exponentially growing debt which exacts the “last pound of flesh” of human and natural resources. Usury has many names: the Usurers, Usurpers, “den of thieves”, “money power”, “money lenders”, “money changers”, “money trust”, Mammon or the Synagogue of Satan. Indeed, it is through the “money power” that a tiny few Satanists are warring on our Lord’s Creation. Beautiful, believers from each of the Abrahamic traditions must unite against their common enemy. Jews, Christians and Muslims must REDEEM the names of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. Believers MUST stop using Satan’s usury based money systems in order to be true believers in alignment with sacred economics. This is the path to peace and prosperity.


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